Saturday, December 29, 2012

Moving to tumblr!!!


It's been a while! I'm off travelling in Georgia currently and had some time to work on this. I am moving the crane-ing operation to since it will be easier to upload pictures and posts straight from my phone.

See y'all there and make sure to follow the new blog here!!!

Oh, and PS- I gave a crane to a real live crane yesterday. Just thought you should know about that;)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Chirp, Chirp! BSU Cranes


Here are more of the cranes since last post!

179- Nik, Jaco's Grill
180- John, Guitarist
181- Lynne, Beach Pops
182- Mason, Qudoba, Carmel
185 & 186- Joey and Jack
187- Charlie, Ball State

188- Ali, Ball State, Muncie IN
189- Nathan, Ball State
190 & 191- Rebecca & Kaitlyn

192- Liz, Ball State

Money tip crane at Chile's!

Falling Whistles


Well, it's always hard to keep up with blogging and craning back at school, but at least this time I have managed to keep up. Since the start of the new year, I have given away 17 cranes away.

So far, things are looking a little better this semester in terms of more sleep (until this last week, which has been a little stressful...hadn't gotten to bed before 5 am since Friday until yesterday...) I had my first concert with the Ball State University Singers on Saturday...I play piano and keyboard for them. It went pretty well, and I'm excited to start getting back in to jazz piano!! But no wonder I'm sick again. Bleh.

(late) New Years Resolutions/goals/hopes/dreams:

* Crane goal of AT LEAST one a week
* Get all A's this semester
* Learn jazz comp/improv on the piano (or at least get a decent grip on it..)
* Get architecture internship this summer
* Take a cross country road trip and learn how to surf
* Find a way to raise money for Falling Whistles

As promised, about Falling Whistles...

Right now, the world's deadliest war since WWII is happening in the Democratic Republic of Congo, with 6 million people dead and 1,500 people dying each DAY.

The main conflict is over the mineral resources in the area- minerals used in our electronics such as cell phones and computers...a history of conflict between local groups and an unstable government doesn't help anything.  Falling Whistles was founded by a normal guy named Sean who had no idea what he had stumbled upon- a country in turmoil.

He came back home a changed man. He couldn't stop talking about what he had seen...finally he annoyed his friends so much, he had to do something. This something was creating Falling Whistles. He had the idea of making and selling whistle necklaces as a way to remind him wherever he went and start conversations, spreading the word.

I went to hear Sean talk a couple months ago, and it was one of the most moving things I've been a part of. I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to do to help, but any little bit counts. I'm going to get a whistle's a link if you wanna get one!! They are pretty awesome.

Read more about Falling Whistles here.

Sunday, January 1, 2012



Ok, so only half an hour into the new year, another earthquake struck Japan. Not exactly the great start to the new year I was hoping for.

First calculated as a 7.0, it was later lowered to a 6.8. Fortunately, no damage was done because the quake hit 217 miles below the sea near the Izu Islands, 307 miles from Tokyo. The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center did not issue a tsunami warning either, so it seems all will be fine for the time being. Read more about it here.

New Year's Eve was a pretty good time- the best part was hearing "Keep Your Head Up" live by Andy Grammer!! Only gave away two cranes last night, will post pics later!

Please keep Japan in your prayers/thoughts<3

Friday, December 30, 2011

I just love making peoples' days:)


Well, we are nearing the end of our trip, which is sad, but also good in some ways. It will be nice to get home and see friends and get settled down before going back to college- get laundry done and all of that exciting stuff. I will, however, miss sailing every morning, the smell of saltwater in the air, being permanently sandy, wearing flip flops...actually I will miss pretty much everything about the ocean...

Yesterday, my dad and I went for a morning sail in Pensacola Bay, then we headed in to the historic district in town. Most the buildings were closed for the holidays, but we toured the outsides, enjoyed the weather, and had lunch at a little cafe called Dharma Blue. It turned out to be one of the best restaurants I've been to on this trip, with literally the crunchiest homemade fries I've ever had....mmmm.

All day I had been meeting people and forgetting to "crane" them, but finally I remembered at lunch. When I handed our waitress, Amber, the tiny slightly wrinkled crane made out of a travel brochure, her face lit up, she gave me a giant hug, and told me I had made her day. The fact that I had made her day actually made my day! Thank you, Amber. Here she is, smiling with her crane under the Dharma Blue sign.

177- Amber, Dharma Blue Cafe, Pensacola FL
Ok, I really want to do justice to explaining the new project I want to support, the Falling Whistles Campaign, an organization working towards peace in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. I don't have time right now, so I'm going to have to ask for a rain check!

Right after this, going to the Pensacola Pelican Drop and seeing Andy Grammer! (famous for his song "Keep Your Head Up," of course!) I made quite a few cranes in advance, so I'm definitely going to give some away tonight!

Happy New Year!! Here's to a year of less natural disasters + more peace (and peace cranes) all around the world.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

New states, new friends...Hello Alabama!


It's been about a week since we drove down to Florida, so the fam decided it was time for a change. How did we decide where to go? Google-ed the weather forecast for areas surrounding Pensacola and decided on the one with the warmest weather, of course. Hah! The winner turned out to be Gulf Shores, Alabama, which was supposedly about an hour's drive. I ended up behind the wheel, and what was supposed to be an hour's drive ended up being more like two...or's debatable. However, I personally blame my navigator! 

The trip was going fine until we actually reached the Gulf Shores area. Somehow, we took the wrong road, and after miles of driving past the strange stilted beach houses Floridians call normal (and Alabamians (if that's a word) do too apparently!).... finally came to the end. And literally the end. A developer had bought the entire rest of the island and made it into a gated neighborhood. So much for that... Actually, it was at this point that we realized we were, in fact, not supposed to be on the island, but were supposed to be on the mainland. Yep, great job, navigator!

By this time, it was about 3 pm and the crew was getting hungry. Which is where Bahama Bob's Cafe comes into the picture, and the first Alabama crane!! You might have thought otherwise, but I really could see a difference between Florida and Alabama...the architecture was a bit different, and I could definitely hear more of a southern accent. However, I found that people in both states have that famous southern hospitality...I don't think I have met a single rude or unpleasant person so far on this trip. 

172- Allison, Bahama Bob's, Gulf Shores, AL
We had planned on kayaking, but the weatherman started to rain in Gulf Shores as well. So, we headed up to the famous Tanger (pronounced, I now know, Tang-gur, not Tan-jer lol) Outlet Mall in Foley, Alabama to spend some of that Christmas money! There, while waiting on family members to finish trying clothes on, I made friends with some of the bored TJ Maxx employees...Caroline, Zach, Mary- Francis, and Des.

173- Caroline, TJ Maxx, Foley AL
175- Zach (aka "the awesome guy")- TJ Maxx, Foley AL
175, 176- Mary-Francis & Des, TJ Maxx, Foley, AL
And one of us all together! Awesomeness...I don't usually get asked to be in the picture too!
I just love how randomly folding pieces of paper can bring all types of people together...

If you guys are reading this, leave a comment and like my page on facebook so we can keep in touch! 

Check back soon for more pictures and stores:) My next project is to support the Falling Whistles Campaign
More on this in my next post...but please check out their website and watch the intro video about this war that is the world's deadliest currently, but that receives almost no publicity.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Crabby Cranes

Yep! I finally went swimming. This morning, I was out on the dock sketching when my dad walked out, swimsuit clad and bearing beach towels. He was about to jump in himself, but I of course said "hold up! I am so coming in!" 

The temp I would say was colder than New Zealand summer ocean, but warmer than Dripping Springs in New Mexico. Of course, being warmer than the second one is not saying much. Neither my dad nor I could talk for about 30 seconds after we jumped in there, and just about couldn't stay in much longer for fear of hypothermia. Hah. Today, it was a little bit of a shock, but after a couple seconds it felt great...I think a morning swim is in order for tomorrow. Later today, I saw a flyer for an local event in town- the "Polar Bear Plunge," held January first. I think I am all ready for that already, thank you very much. Evidence below:

Yeah, no biggie!

It was also my amazing sister's birthday today (or yesterday now, since it's after 12...). So, after our morning dip, we took her shopping, had a picnic on the beach, watched a movie at home (Soul Surfer), and then went out to dinner at Crabs- We Got 'Em. They did, in fact, have crabs. Many crabs. Including a giant plaster crab that looks like it's going to fall on top of you as you walk in. I felt like I was being attacked by monster crabs, which kind of reminded me of the end of this scene in Pirates of the Caribbean- At World's End. 

But anyways, I had completely forgotten to give any other cranes away today. What with having no paper along with me, and only those super skinny one-ply napkins (curse do they expect you to make origami out of one-ply napkins?!), I was challenged to use the slightly greasy paper from our order of sweet potato fries. 

Note the look of disgust...
However, I soldiered on to make crane no. 171. The crane recipient, Richard, did say, and I quote now, "what is it, an upside-down frog?!" That's a new one. Oh well, it's made! He said he would hang it up in the restaurant, so if you ever go to Crabs- We Got 'Em, look for a slightly greasy red and white checked lying around. Oh, and also, I highly recommend the coconut shrimp. Very tasty!

171- Richard, Crabs- We Got 'Em, Pensacola FL. 
Check back soon for more. I seem to be on a roll lately!